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               Volume 7                                     Number 1                                        March  2017



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Wen-Den Chen, H. C. Li and Sam Mirmirani

Stratified Market Equilibria: An application of Maximal Overlap Discrete Wavelet Analysis

[Full Paper - PDF]


Sowmya Dhanaraj, Arun Kumar Gopalaswamy and M. Suresh Babu

Trade, Financial Flows and Stock Market Interdependence: Evidence from Asian Markets

[Full Paper - PDF]


Reza Habibi

Asymmetric Information and Equilibrium Price

[Full Paper - PDF]


Dinh Hong Linh and Tran Viet Khanh

CO2 Emissions, Energy Consumption, Economic Growth,  and Agricultural Development in ASEAN’s Developing Members

[Full Paper - PDF]


Prabuddha Sanyal and Mark Ehlen

The Interactions of Public Debt, Income Inequality and Economic Growth for U.S. States: A Bayesian Non-Parametric Analysis

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