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             Volume 11                                    Number 1                                                 March 2021




Revisiting the Causality Relationship between Major Countries’ Tourism Expansion and Economic Growth in Taiwan

Lin Hung Pinand Yu-Chi Sung



Productivity of Banks in Croatia

Marko Novak and Su-Ying Hsu



Current Account Sustainability for 21 African Economies: Evidence based on Fourier Stationarity and Unit Root Tests

Jamal Husein



Can We still Profit from a V/P Ratio-based Portfolio Strategy in the Presence of Earnings Management?

Yao  Tian



Establish Key Evaluation Criteria for the Development of Culinary Tourism

Chien-Chung Yu and Chun-Chu Liu



Estimating Optimal Hedge Ratio in Stock Futures Market: Evidence from National Stock Exchange, India

K. Srinivasan and Santhiya



Democracy, Foreign Aid and Economic Growth in Sub-Saharan African Countries: An Empirical Investigation

Abdoulaye Dramane












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