Empirical Economics Review

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              Volume 10                                    Number 2                                                 June  2020



An Agro-cultural Contribution of Food Demand System to Food Security

Ngatsi Fosso Eric Brice, Gildas Ngueuleweu Tiwang and Paul Ningaye



Macroeconometric Approach: The Optimal Taxation Policies for Economic Growth in Emerging Asia

S.P. Jayasooriya



Exploring Regional Differences in Cultural Values Involved in Creating Vietnam's Emerging Economy

Paul B Eberle, Thomas L Bradley, Gary Giss and Francis Goeddeke, Jr.



Economic Performance and Election Outcomes: An Analysis of Taiwan’s Local Government Election Results from 2001 to 2018

Chih-Yu Chin and Shih-Yi You



Risk Aversion and Comovements in Cryptocurrency Markets

Ibrahim D. Raheem



Global Financial Crisis and Emerging Markets Economies: An Analysis from the perspective of Globalized Vector Autoregression Models

Hector Ortiz and Carlos Rodriguez










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