Empirical Economics Review

A Quarterly International Journal of Economics


ISSN 2222 9736


Indexed in EconLit and included in Cabell's Directory


Peer Reviewing Process



Empirical Economics Review (EER) is a quarterly refereed international journal which is committed to publishing quality research paper in all areas of empirical economics, finance and business. Articles submitted for publication consideration in this journal pass through the process of rigorous and meticulous peer review. Articles are first assessed by an editor who examines the suitability of the articles for peer review. If the articles are found appropriate, EER office then adopts required measures to select expert referees and dispatch the papers for blind peer review. This journal gives special importance on the clarity, brevity and nontriviality of an article that ascertain publishability of a paper. Authors, while preparing a manuscript, adhere to the instruction to authors, and referees are urged to keep those instructions in view while assessing the manuscripts. For details please visit the journal at: www.eer.freevar.com

















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