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Publication Ethics and Malpractice Policy


Empirical Economics Review (EER) is a fully reviewed international journal committed to publishing quality research papers on all dimensions and areas of empirical economics, finance and business maintaining high level of ethical standards and malpractice policy. We request authors, reviewers, and editors to follow strictly the ethical rules. We urge all to contact the Managing Editor if there arises any doubts about the ethical rules and standards. Publication ethics and malpractice policy of EER include, but not limited to, the following.


1.           EER is committed to completely prohibiting plagiarism. Any form of plagiarism will lead to the immediate rejection of the manuscripts. Any type of unethical behavior and misconduct is not desired from authors and reviewers. If any allegation regarding these is arisen and established, proper action will be adopted.


2.    EER emphasizes on clarity, brevity and non-triviality while evaluating a manuscript submitted for publication consideration


3.           EER deals with every manuscript confidentially and hence does not expose any information concerning the manuscript to anybody except the editorial board, reviewer and author.


4.           Manipulation, fabrication or falsification of data in any form is unethical that must be avoided.


5.           Only relevant citations should be included in the manuscripts. Citations that are not mentioned in the text are discouraged to be included.


6.           Submission of a research article or manuscript to two or more different journals simultaneously is not ethical. Authors are requested to keep this into consideration while submitting a manuscript. Manuscripts having no significant differences because of the preparation using same data are prohibited to be submitted for publication consideration. Same manuscript prepared in different languages submitted to two different journal at the same time are also prohibited.


7.           The manuscript must not infringe the existing copyright rules. The author must secure permission to undergo reproduction of copyright or third-party materials.


8.     The copyright of the accepted manuscripts automatically transfers to the publisher of the journal.


9.           Authors must follow the instruction to authors before submission of manuscript for publication consideration.


10.      The corresponding author must make sure that the paper is original and has not been published before or submitted to any other journals for possible publication.


11.     The corresponding author must ensure that all authors have contributed to the process of preparation of the manuscript. All authors must go through the manuscript and remain responsible for integrity and accuracy. All authors must agree to all contents of manuscript and submit.


12.  The corresponding author must declare if there is any potential conflict of interest.


13.  Referees must review the manuscript in a systematic and constructive way keeping in consideration the policy of EEL and send the review reports within the specified period of time.


14.      Referees are urged to sustain confidentiality concerning reviewing process and requested not to disclose any information of the manuscript to anyone except editorial office.


15.      Referees are requested to report any kind of misconduct like copyright violation, plagiarism, or any other unethical activities at any stage with relevant supporting documents to Managing Editor for further action.


16.      EER, although, gives most important consideration to establish correctness and perfection of information and data, no warranties is provided about the correctness and perfectness of data and information. All opinions and views given in the manuscript are those of the authors.


17. Finally, this journal takes each and every attempt and effort to publish manuscripts complying with malpractice standards and highest ethical considerations.







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